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DarlingDiaries by T is a natural hair care blog,  meant to educate and help all curly hair girls in their natural hair journey. Our articles are designed to give you the latest and most helpful information to make your curly hair journey a lot easier.

All information in each article is properly researched, to the best of our ability, and put together for the most helpful read.

About The Author


My name is Talana, head author of DarlingDiaries by T. I love discussing all things haircare-related and I can write for hours about anything besides myself. So you can almost imagine the struggle I’m having with actually thinking of things to put on this page. So I decided to narrow it down to just 2 main things about me.

  • I am a full-time law student and blogger. Just like the rest of the world I have a constant struggle with time and being a curly hair girl, as you know, hair-care routines from wash-days to hair setting, etc, all take up a lot of time. I constantly find myself looking for ways to do the right amount of hair maintenance in the time I have available. This is one of the reasons that inspired me to start my blog, so I can provide helpful hair-care articles to girls like myself who struggle to find that extra time to take care of themselves.

  • I am currently a natural hair enthusiast, however, that was not always the case. When I was younger, I did not like my natural hair. So I resorted to hair straighteners, and that left my hair severely heat damaged. I then had to transition to get my natural curl pattern back, which was not easy. But because of my hair journey, I’ve become very passionate about hair care, and I hope that I could provide you with all the tips, tricks, and products that will aid in your natural and healthy curly hair journey.

Just think of me as your new go-to curly hair girlfriend, helping you through every step of your curly hair journey ♡

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